Tony Blair Converts to Catholicism! Who’s next George W. Bush?

This could be a really fun game, which well known public figure will convert to Catholicism next?  After Matt’s infamous post comparing Frank Beckwith’s switch to Catholicism to Hogan switching to NWO, we now have Tony Blair making the leap. Who’s next? I gotta be honest when Pope Benedict arrived on the scene I never thought he would be a Catholic Billy Graham.

I should mention that Tony Blair’s previous church, The Church of England, has rapidly been losing members for over a generation. Their theology is in flux, the direction of the church is unsure, and most Brit’s care more about Prince William and Prince Harry then they do King Jesus.

Most interesting part of the story might be that the Catholic church seems to be making their first real resurgence in developed world in recent memory. While the Catholic church has long since transitioned to being predominantly comprised of Latin Americans and Africans, there does seem to be some anecdotal signs of growth in the West. I would point to the reason possibly being that while Pope Benedict kind of looks like a friendly troll, he is a first class scholar and theologian. Even during Pope John Paul II papacy it was well known that Pope Benedict was his must trusted voice on matters pertaining to theology. Many have speculated that Pope Benedict would bring back to the Catholic church a rigorous Christology, and high value of scripture.

So stay tuned folks I have a feeling this is just the start of things. And you can count on Matt and I to jovially, and somewhat flippantly write about it. Who knows, maybe Tony Blair’s BFF, George W. Bush might be next….


3 Responses

  1. You are not the first bloggers to say that. I don’t remember where else I read it but sometime over the last week I’ve seen several bloggers quietly wonder if Bush is going to go Catholic when he leaves office. I dobut it. Unless Laura goes too.

  2. Thanks li for the comment. Truth is most of it was just ranting. I have no evidence or suspicion whatsoever that George W. is going to convert. In fact I don’t think he ever would, he already rules his own empire. And please know much of what is written here (including this comment) is sarcastic and bombastic in nature, and meant mostly for fun.

  3. Ryan, that was funny – “rules his own empire”. Thanks for the laugh.

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