Sign of the Times

Do you know who this is?

I bet you don’t and it probably is a good thing you don’t. But a lot of teenagers and little girls know who this is and they look up to her. This is Jamie Spears 16 year old little sister of Britney Spears, who just announced to the world that she is pregnant. Here is the story.

Now I know that teen pregnancy is not a new thing and is probably just as prevalent as it was 10, 20 years ago. But what makes this story important is that this a celebrity who directly appeals and is influential to the young girls of America. Then couple that with the fact that parental role models are in short supply, you get a powerful endorsement for the idol of casual sex.

The saddest part in the story is when Jamie Spears is asked what she thinks about premarital sex and she advises people to wait. Sad for her because she wanted better for herself, and sad for all the girls who will follow in her footsteps and settle for something less than what they could have and really deserve.


11 Responses

  1. And guess where she met her baby daddy?

    Drum roll please ………………………


    On a side note, Lynn Spears has had her parenting book shelved indefinitely.

  2. Yeah I just heard that the boyfriend is 19, so is statutory a factor here? Or is that just when black guys in the south hook up with white girls? I know that sounds a little harsh but I can’t tell you the number of stories I have read in the last year of 18 year old black kids being sent to prison for having sex with a 16 year old.

  3. You are right, Ryan…the age of consent in Louisiana is 17. So by precedent, her boyfriend should be sentenced to 10 years in prison, but then pardoned after serving one year.

  4. I do believe that he impregnated her in the condo they were sharing in L.A., which I think makes them within the laws of the land.

    I read something interesting about the whole deal. OK magazine broke the news becuase Lynn Spears brokered a deal with them whereby they would get the exclusive on the Pregnancy, and Jamie Lynn would get a cool $1 million for first photos come baby time.

    So congratulations Lynn Spears, you are now the reigning champion for Worst Example of a Supposed Christian Parent Pimping out the Kids You Jacked Up for Money!!!

    Our condolences to Joe Simpson who was the previous Champion for 8 years running.

  5. Matt, I had the same thought about Joe Simpson. The good and bad news is that he will now have to elevate his game…and no one can shoddily parent like Joe Simpson!

  6. Note: this is not from any lack of effort on Joe’s part. It’s not like he’s stopped trying.

    Example: he recently pimped Jessica out to Tony Romo becuase Dallas was his favorite team.

    In spite of this, we still need to acknowledge the fact that Jessica did try out an “honest” relationship the first time around.

  7. I do not get the “honest” reference, can you explain Matt?

  8. Taken from the phrase, “make an honest woman out of her”.

    Because as far as we know, JS waited until marriage to let hit hit it.

  9. 1. I think you just made a Nick Lachey reference

    2. Did you just use “hit it” on our blog?

  10. Well, I was going to say, “hit that”. But I thought that would have been objectifying to women.

  11. So many comments…deserves it’s own post.

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