Cheating on my own blog

Ryan and I had a conversation a few days ago that pretty much consisted of us patting ourselves on the back for co-blogging. Here were our reasons why co-blogging is the best way to blog:

– You don’t have to carry the weight of always having to post. For example this is my first post in about two weeks, but my co-blogger has picked up the slack.

– You become less important. It’s not your blog, its both your blog. The other person can always put you in check for any abhorrent post.

– Unlike multi-blogging, co-blogging doesn’t overflow the blog with a million posts like Scot McKnight does (side note: I am reading The Jesus Creed right now. It is good).

– You constantly get emails from your co-blogger saying things like, “Did you see the search terms that brought some one to our blog.” Followed by you checking the stats and nearing spitting coffee all over your computer screen.

– If no one reads, you can act as if you are just having a conversation with a friend. Which makes the inside jokes that much funnier. Like the name of our blog, probably the biggest inside joke we have.

All that to be said, I wanted to thank Ryan for carrying the load the last few weeks, and also confess my blogging indiscretions.

Apparently I wrote three guest blogs on Devin Hudson’s blog.

Actually I wrote the first draft of the Core Values for FIVE20, the church venue we are starting in a bar located in Downtown Las Vegas. Devin has posted them on his site. Check them out and feel free to comment on both this post and his to let us know what you think.

Sorry Ryan, you’ve been so caring and this is how I treat you.



3 Responses

  1. One of my other favorite things is to think if there are bible college kids out there trying to plagiarize for a class paper. Some of the search terms I see like “papers on Grace in practice by Paul Zahl” make me wonder if someone is acting shady. So if you are than stop it and go repent.

  2. I just got a Christmas card in the mail. It was a thoughtful gesture from some dear friends. However, it reminded me of a rant I once heard from someone who liked to ridicule the dog lovers of the world. You know, the type who haven’t experienced the unconditional love of a dog and truly appreciated it. This same friend has the most ridiculously adorable picture of thier dog who looks like she is straight out of Dr. Seuss’ Whoville. Not only do they feature their dog on the Christmas card, but she is decked out with candy cane headgear.
    Matt – I expect a full apology from you to anyone who has ever featured the family canine on the Christmas card. I’m sure it won’t be long until she is on the answering machine.

  3. Crystal,

    First of all, congratulations, you finally decided to read your husband’s blog.

    Secondly, I would rather incur the ridicule of thousands before I apologize for my rants against people putting there dog on the Christmas Card. I chose to love my wife in spite of thinking that those cards are absolutely ridiculous. I still think they are ridiculous, I simply took one for the team.

    Thirdly, a good rule for blogging is to not make your first comment an accusatory one. It can start a bad habit.

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