The Man Hug

With the Holidays coming up, this might be of service to some of us guys.


5 Responses

  1. I love it! I heard there is a strict three pat limit…is this correct?

  2. Personally I follow this method:

    1. Extend right hand for handshake

    2. At this point either man can initiate the man hug by going wide with the left hand for a hug.

    3. The Pat
    – Normal 2 pat for normal occasion
    – Tight hug, then 2 pat if haven’t seen in a while
    – Tight hug only if the situation calls it (only in extreme situations)

    4. The release should be quick and immediately move to walking or standing side by side


    I love the release, it is such a key point..

  4. Draper the Butt squeeze is okay when you are either on a football field, or ready for the right hand of fellowship.

  5. “or ready for the right hand of fellowship”

    Now Ryan is the one dragging this blog into the gutter. Seriously, all Google roads will lead here before much longer.

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