Is Having Children Selfish?

I read this article a few days ago and it blew me away.  I am all for being a good steward of the planet and trying to live a sustainable lifestyle but this is extreme.  Apparently this woman and some others out there have come to the conviction that having children is “selfish.”  that children suck resources and are therefore environmentally irresponsible.

Taking this point to its logical end, and engaging in a little reductio absurdum.  I would raise the question that if bringing children into existence is selfish and takes to many resources from the environment than why not kill yourself?  Honestly.  If humans are bad for the planet and you are concerned about people draining its resources the truest thing you could do to live out that value is eliminate yourself.  If you don’t and rail about children being environmental leeches you are quite hypocritical.  Of course I am being over the top here but this idea is scary and absurd to me.  Let’s care about the world, but as a means to having a healthy planet for humans to live in.


2 Responses

  1. Good to see you drawing the line on this issue well within the realm of sanity, Ryan. My comments months ago about why I fear Christians jumping on the environmental bandwagon so quickly were because the movement is largely populated by these types of people. Buy Crystal one of those adorable little Panda Bears for the World Wildlife Fund, and that is the kind of person whose salary you help to pay.

    The progenitors of the environmental movement in the 60s were looking for ways to dismantle society, and they settled on environmentalism as their cause. Please, when you get a chance, read “In a Dark Wood” by Alston Chase. You won’t be sorry.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Adam I will try and read the book soon. As always your comments are great to read.

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