I Wish Turkey Only Cost a Nickel

dscf0042.jpgthis is my backyard before I left for LV yesterday

Since its Thanksgiving no one is probably going to read this for a few days. That’s alright, I am writing this mostly for my own benefit. But I did want to jot down a few things I am thankful for.

1. My wife. She is a great blessing and gift in my life. As Matt wrote about last time, she is my crown. She teaches me about grace, loves me when I am a turd, and encourages me all the time.

2. My family. Families can be messy and difficult, and mine often is, but I love them still the same. Looking back at my 26 years of existence I realize that many of the truly great and impacting memories that have formed me have come from my family.

3. Friends. I really have some great friends. In a culture such as ours it is hard to connect in a meaningful way with others. In fact I read an article this last week which talked about the number one thing Americans wish they had more of was friends. These relationships have also done more to shape and mold me than just about anything else. So to all my friends who read this, I am thankful for you.

4. Jesus. I am thankful that my Lord is willing to pursue and reconcile with me in spite of my sin. I am thankful for the redemption he has brought into my life and the joy it has given me. I am thankful for his blood stained Cross


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  1. Beautiful picture and Well Written, I just want to agree with you on it all.

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