Wisdom from John Wesley

I was reading the great preacher John Wesley yesterday and I came across some incredible wisdom he had on relationships and our tongue. In light of my last post these pieces of advice seemed to tag along and add another dynamic to how Christians should interact.

1. To hear as little as possible what is to the prejudice of others.

2. To believe nothing of the kind till I am absolutely forced to.

3. Never to drink into the spirit of one who circulates an ill report.

4. Always to moderate, as far as I can, the unkindness which is expressed toward others.

5. Always to believe, that if the other side were heard, a very different account would be given of the matter.

1, 3, and 4 are especially convicting for me and one’s I will pray for growth in. I printed this out today and taped it to my desk. May it guide my relationships and even my blogging!!

2 Responses

  1. Matt, that is a GREAT list. I will do the same– print it out and put it on my desk!

  2. The credit for that list goes to Ryan. He forgot to sign his post. I was encouraged/convicted as well.

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