Everyone is a Raging Dirtbag

“Which illustrates the next incontrovertible fact about game theory: In the foreboding world view of rational choice, everyone is a raging dirtbag.”

This quote, in GOOD MAGAZINE’S feature article this month, The New Nostradamus, jumped off the page at me. For those of you who don’t know what “game theory” is. It is a theory within political science that has been gaining steam over the last few decades. The theory relies heavily on mathematics, probabilities (exhaustive probabilities mind you), and apparently both St. Paul’s and Thomas Hobb’s view on the nature of human beings. At the center of the science of predicting human and societal behavior is the beleif in Total Depravity, or as the article call it: “everyone is a raging dirtbag.”

I thought it was incredibly interesting that both political scientists and reformers being Total Depravity as paramoutn to understanding human behavior.

On another note: YOU NEED TO READ GOOD MAGAZINE. I’ll give you a few reasons why:

– It is 100% non-profit. And when you sign up for a year long subscription. you can pick from 1 of 12 charities to have your money allocated to.

– It is incredibly well written and thought provoking. Like Details or SPIN, minus the enormous pretentiousness.

– It does a great job informing you of global issues (especially that of sustainable life/business practices)

– The editing and layout are phenomenal, and are at the cutting edge of the culture.

– It will make you a better in tune with what the current culture in dealing with.

So check it out, preferably in print. You won’t be disappointed.



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