Christian T-Shirts

Normally I despise Christian T-Shirts. But Lark News (the home of Christian satire) has restored my faith that Christian T-Shirts can be cool. To prove my point I present:

Exhibit A
(Heard you got into Christian college: BUMMER)

Exhibit B
(World’s Best Associate Pastor)

Exhibit C
(Jesus loves you, but then again he loves everybody)


Exhibit D
(You Suck. Which is why you need Jesus.)

I cannot decide whether I should buy the “Jesus loves you…” or the “You Suck…” shirt. Any suggestions?


3 Responses

  1. I think Exhibit A is most fitting for me..

  2. Nothing beats the classic “Jesus is coming back and boy is he pissed.”

  3. I have one of the “You Suck” shirts. The problem is, I have only had the guts to wear it outside of my home on one occasion, and even that was just to Bunco with friends.
    ‘Tis a great shirt, though!

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