Cubs fan for life, Rockies fan for the moment

Ahh sweet Lou has brought my beloved Cubs into the playoffs. Or shall I say more honestly the abysmal collapse of the Brewers threw the Cubs into the playoffs. But a funny thing has happened, in fact I am in the midst of committing adultery… sports adultery! Here is my new fling.

Yes thats right I am swooning over the Colorado Rockies. To be honest I have off and on flirted with them for many years. When they came into the league I thought it was exciting Colorado was getting a team, and when I visited my dad during the summers He and I would go to a few games. The Rockies were always a good time, I loved when they had the Blakestreet Bombers and the average score at Coors Field was about 11 to 15. But it never got serious, our times together were always brief and never going to go anywhere; truth was I already had a team that I was committed to.

Well something happened this summer. Living in Colorado the Rockies and I were now closer. I went to a few games, and one thing led to another, and over the last month I have just fully embraced them. They have won 14 of their last 15 games to make the playoffs and play the most entertaining baseball I have ever seen. The young players have heart, and loads of talent. Not to mention the whole city has been swept up in Rockie fever over the last three weeks. Also, it has not hurt that the Denver Broncos have looked about as good as a port-a-potty so far this year.

So here I am in a conundrum of what Bill Simmons would say of crossing many major sports fidelity lines. Right now I know that disaster possible awaits as if the Cubs and Rockies both win their playoffs series and meet in the NLCS I might be faced with a choice between my long time wife (Cubs) and my new hot girlfriend (Rockies). Well I am going to be on dangerous ground and have a date planned with the Rockies this weekend as my good buddy Brad has scored my a ticket to the Rockie playoff game on Saturday. Ohh Lord help me.


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  1. I actually think that under Bill Simmons rules for sports adultery you are safe here.

    1. You liked the Cubs before Denver had a team.
    2. You rooted for the cubs while living in a city without a sports franchise.
    3. You moved to the city with the sports franchise.

    So, by the letter of the law, you are safe. But I would like to help clear you conscience by appealing to the spirit of the law.

    Since the spousal analogy is used here, it indicates a certain amount of closeness with a team. This involves hearing about the team in the local paper (note: I didn’t even know the Rockies were making a run until I picked up the Denver Post while in Durango last week, the night after they won their 10th in a row). It also involves being able to go to the games.

    So Ryan. You’re from Denver (which creates weird sports cults), the whole purpose for liking a sports team points to the Rockies. Maybe its time to admit that you were never really married to the Cubs, they were just your long time high school girlfriend. Now you have met the real thing, and its even better. I say you have not committed adultery, but that you have finally found “the one”.

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