Confessions of a Young Punk

It’s been a long hard year.

Ryan and I started blogging a little over two years ago. For a while not more than a handful of people knew it even existed. There has never been much rhyme or reason, just talking about the things we care about. Other than our semi-frequent “Shelf/Ipod/Fridge” posts, the only consistent thing about this blog is that often times we say we are going to start a series of posts and never get past one or two. Well, here’s to breaking that trend.

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging exclusively about the last year or so of my life. I have titled the series, “Confessions of a Young Punk” becuase I think that best describes what the past year has been like. Since last August I have been a part of three churches, one of which was my failed attempt at planting a church. Now, as my wife and I stare at the future wondering what is next, my head swirls with various convictions and life lessons that God has been gracious enough to teach us.

My hope is that this series will serve as:

– An encouragement to those who have dealt with young punks before. That God is faithful to your prayers: that He would humble us.

– An encouragement to those who have attempted to plant a church, and by God’s grace, have failed.

– An encouragement to those who have attempted to plant a church, and by God’s grace, have seen success.

– A warning to those who think they are God’s gift to their city/ministry, and haven’t paid any dues, or as Lloyd Jones once said, “Have not been humbled”.

See that’s the thing with being humble. You don’t just wake up and decide to be humble. It’s not like being humble is something to be good at. No, in fact, we are made humble. We are humbled by God. This last year I have been greatly humbled by God. This series is my story.



6 Responses

  1. Look forward to the series, but I do wan to clarify that I finished my “Good to Great” series, its just that no one read it.

  2. awesome bro. I’m looking forward to this as well.

  3. When I say that Matt’s (and Ryan’s) blog is the only one I read, I hope it will be seen as a high compliment to him and not backfire as an inadvertent confession of nerd status due to my conspicuous lack of blog variety. Matt is a godly man and friend and I love reading what he has to say.

    Like one lieutenant waiting for reinforcements from another’s platoon I wait with deep-seated interest to read the gold Matt has been given through this season of cross-carrying. What is pain for a godly man (godly punk) becomes treasure for another. Thanks Matt for being selfless with what God has revealed to you. May He be glorified, and we edified.

  4. Dude, write this series and then publish it under the pseudo name C.S. Hudgins. Looking forward to it.

    – Will

  5. look forward to reading it matt…

  6. Rock on bro..I think it’s a great idea, keep them comming!

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