Challies on Brian McLaren’s new book

We just got Brian McLaren’s new book in at the book store I work at. I have a copy and will probably be reading it in the next few weeks. I think that McLaren is usually at his strongest when he talks about social issues and how Christians should engage the world around them. His writings are often frustrating and irritating because he purposely wades in ambiguity just to ruffle feathers.  And since Brian functions as the elder statesman of sorts, for the Emergent Church I think it is important to be aware of his writings and ideas, regardless if we might find some of them difficult to swallow.

But since I can not read at the same rate as Tim Challies I would point you toward his review of the book. His review is well written and very thorough. Tim is more conservative than I am but he is also a good thinker and able to give a good summarization of a book, especially considering he is a professional book reviewer (my dream job).