Chicago Cubs why?

Most people who are reading this (all three of you) do not care about the Cubs. So I will not make this post a long one. I just want to say that after their horrible start, I basically wrote them off.

C’mon don’t you want this guy running your team?

I thought they were incapable of coming together and Lou was a horrible fit as manager. Then they had a an amazing comeback to take first place. Now they are in the worst division in baseball and they just refuse to close the deal. It is like they just want to screw with me. All of this to say that I am not sure why I am a Cubs fan, until I remember the name of this blog. I am an eternal optimist, you could feed me nasty meat everyday for a year and I would be convinced that the next day you would serve me a medium rare Porterhouse. So as long as the Cubs keep playing, I will keep cheering, because by nature I am that dog that loves his owner even if he beats me, or makes me fight other dogs, or… Well you get the point. Sorry I just can’t stop with the Michael Vick references.



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