Bill Belichick and the Patriots update


Read this ESPN story. Roger Goodell put the UFC smack down on one smarmy Bill Belichick.  This punishment is severe and harsh.

Yes I might have a small man crush on Roger Goodell

A first round pick is like a first born in  the NFL world.  Plus by personally fining Bill Belichick 500,000 dollars sends a big message to him and the rest of the NFL.  Overall I would say justice served, but we are all still left with lingering doubts about big moments over the last few years and how legit they really were.  We all know that you reap what you sow and I hope the Patriots get a big bounce in the first round of the playoffs this year.  And yes I am bitter.


One Response

  1. A slap on the wrist. First, why cheat against ridiculous teams like the Jets? It’s like a well-endowed man stuffing a sock in his pants – all the more pathetic because it’s so unnecessary. Second, the league couldn’t be too tough on a Super Bowl favorite. To do so would put an asterisk next to the whole season.

    So, in my opinion, a good but not great outcome.

    I wonder how long this has gone on – the Pats won a lot of big games by not very many points over the last few years. When the difference comes down to a field goal, it is obvious that this type of cheating would have produced enough advantage to make a difference.

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