Bill Belichick and the Patriots are Cheaters!

This guy is a cheater. I do not want to hear any excuses. I know my view of this story is colored by blue and orange glasses but in this case It is pretty clear Belichick is a cheater. In case you are not familiar with the situation check out all the raging stories over at to catch up. Bill Belichick and the Patriots have been video taping defensive signals of their opponents. If you do not understand why this is a big deal here is why. The defensive signals relay such information such as if there is a blitz coming or not, if a blitz will be disguised or not, if the coverage is man or zone, if the linebackers will blitz or drop into coverage or come after the QB, or if they will be playing the run or the pass. Basically it will tell you everything you need to know for your QB and offense to look like geniuses. Personally, I feel cheated, to watch the NFL over the last few years and see Brady look so poised and confident in the pocket and seem to constantly know the right thing to to with the ball and where to throw it, and now understand there is a strong likelihood that he had inside information as to exactly the defensive would be doing! This is incredible! It feels like finding out the Mormon Jeopardy guy who won some 6o straight times had and ear piece with someone giving him the answers.

Now I understand that an offense still has to execute and Tom Brady still has to make the throws, and Brady is wickedly accurate, but lets be honest the things that makes a QB great, truly great, is his decision making ability. As a Bronco fan I have been tortured the last few years by the suspect decision making ability of one Jake Plummer. With every game I would sit on the couch terrified that at any moment he would do something incredibly dumb. Truth is the one thing that kept Jake Plummer from ever being a great player was his decision making ability. He had the talent and ability but always would make a dumb choice at critical times. Now just imagine if this most critical component of poise and decision making is somehow manipulated so that the task is made easier for the Quarterback? I don’t care what anyone says, this is a huge advantage and changes the game completely, especially in game wining drive situations or crucial times of big games. You can argue I am over reacting but by cheating the Patriots have opened themselves up to this type of criticism and judgments.

Rant over.


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  1. I wonder how long this has gone on…haven’t there been allegations before that they were doing this?

    Maybe Belichick’s genius has been in not getting caught for so long.

    Still, I think steroids and other performance enhancers are worse though.

  2. it’s even more amazing to me that Peyton does this all on his own EVERY PLAY!

  3. Great point guys. Packers player Al Harris said after playing the Patriots last year, “It was like they had our play book and knew what we were doing.” There is a history. And the excuses that it does not really help are lame. If it did not help why would they do it? For fun?

  4. Again, what a bunch of girls.

    It’s too bad you don’t know anything about football. Here’s a lttle education for you smartasses.

    NFL rules state “no video recording devices of any kind are permitted to be in use in the coaches’ booth, on the field, or in the locker room during the game.” They also say all video for coaching purposes must be shot from locations “enclosed on all sides with a roof overhead.”

    Straight out of the NFL handbook. What does it mean? Video taping IS ALLOWED, but only in designated areas: Belichik’s man was in a nondesignated area. Every other team tapes for signals and formations from the booth. That’s Bill’s only crime: location.

  5. Wow. Ari you have just given us all the perfect illustration of the word “homer.” Congratulations.

  6. Ari,

    If only the commissioner and many player who agreed they had cheated knew as much football as you. Geez, looks like everyone is a bunch of girls, except you of course

  7. All I know is that Tom Br*dy’s legacy is looking a lot more like b*rry bonds’

  8. “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” – Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

    These words seem to ring all too true for the Patriots first three… well sacrifices I suppose would be the best way to describe the last 3 games. Could it be that the evil mastermind has taken these events and once again initiated the “Us against them” mentality?

    We have, in the last three weeks seen the Jets get blown out of the sky, the thundering supercharged bolts get reduced to mere static electricity, and we saw the Bills get stampeded to death. Now I know that many out there are going to say they cheated in the Jets game… I wont argue that, because they were indeed caught cheating… and shame on them for that! However, did it really effect the outcome of that game? Probably not, considering the tape was confiscated halfway through the first quarter.

    The next sacrifice came the very next week against a supposed AFC powerhouse, that being of course the Sand Diego Chargers. Personally, I believe had the Chargers been able to control their comments about “spygate” this game may have been competitive… of course they didn’t and the game wasn’t.

    As for the Bill’s game… Well they seemed to know better, and at half time the game was actually competitive… Course that changed quickly, but I believe that was more of lack of talent on the Bill’s team. By the way when are they actually going to get some talent on that team?

    For those of you not sure what I am getting at here, let me make it as clear as possible. Calling the Patriots cheaters, sure that certainly has merit. Calling into question all their past accomplishments because of this… well I don’t suggest doing that if you are facing them anytime this season. BB has a very long memory, as do his players… and if for some reason the team forgets anything the high lord of the Evil Empire… namely Bill Belicheck will certainly remind them ever so slightly.

    To paraphrase Jim Croce… You don’t tug on Superman’s Cape, You don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger, and you don’t mess aroung with the Pats accomplishments.

  9. Hey Ace,

    A few things:

    – The Patriots are definitely making a huge statement right now. Or as Bill Simmons says, they are the “Cobra Kai Yankees” (by the way, Ryan and I had a huge disagreement last week about Bill Simmons not willing to call out the Patriots. Well Ryan, I don’t know how much clearer you can get than calling them the “Cobra Kai Yankees”?) But, I’m not sure they are making the statement you and Bill think they are making.

    – Everyone called them out, not those three teams in particular. I think this is the greatest team I have ever seen play football. Because of this I question the whole, “making a statement” thing. For example, Brady tossing up bombs for Moss when up 17 in the fourth is certainly rubbing it in from our standpoint. But do you really need to make a statement against an already pathetic team that are as emotionally screwed up as the Bills are?

    – My theory is that Brady, Moss and company are just plain having fun. Randy has never had a quality QB, and Brady has never had a quality receiver (now he has three). Why was he throwing bombs against the Bills? The same reason we did in grade school: becuase he could. No sleeping giant has been awakened, they are just a spectacular football team.

    Also, quoting dead Japanese admirals, and paraphrasing Jim Croce in the same comment: you are way too smart and articulate to be reading our blog.

  10. Yes, next time I think about writing about sports I will consult Ace first. Good insight. Since I am a crazy Broncos fan I would love to hear you thoughts on them, especially if you could convince me they are going to win the Super Bowl.

  11. Listen guys,
    Any one still pushing the spygate thing is done out of jelousy. Yes they got caught taping WHERE they were not supposed to. Who ever thinks that other teams dont record games is just plain ignorant. Oh yeah, try reseaching the so called WARNINGS that they have had previously givin to them. That info came from the media not the NFL, dummies. Keep believing everything they want you to. Really think about this for a second. Let me guess the 108 yard punt return from Hobbs or the Moss TD while he had three defenders on him, those type plays have nothing to do with video tape. Bottom line is the Patriots team in general is solid in every aspect. Also you cannot tape and make calls to get info in the game like that. Do you think that BB is gonna take the word of a guy taping in the crowd right then and there? Doubt it. As stated by “Ari”video taping IS LEGAL this guy was in the wrong place. Come on guys guys don’t kid yourself all the teams “scout”. And I’ll finish with taxi you must be dumb!! Putting Brady and Bonds in the same? Are you F-in’ kidding me? Steroids have nothing to do with Tom Brady or how he plays. Brady is the best QB in football. Yes colt lovers better than Manning. I have so much to say about this but I need to get my fantasy line up in

  12. Yeah Dalahi,

    I said to Ryan the other day that this season ENDS THE MANNING/BRADY DEBATE ONCE AND FOR ALL. Brady never had good receivers, and now that he does he is on a blistering pace to break every single season record. Debate over, Brady is better.

    But as far as camera gate. Here is why most people, including Ryan were so upset: THE PATRIOTS HAS NO REASON TO CHEAT. And whenever the team that doesn’t need to cheat cheats, everyone gets a bad taste in their mouth. If this were the Raiders and Art Shell last year, we would have laughed it off. Seriously. But to do it when you are as good as they are showing to be, is the most classless, and disgusting thing. Personally, this upsets me greatly becuase it prevents me from enjoying the season of one of the greatest (if not the greatest) team ever.

  13. Brady sux. being the so called best quarter back. In any other QB in the NFL had the time in the pocket that he does they would be equally good. Put a little pressure on him and he buckles like a belt. Manning plays with constant pressure and people in his face. As far as beating the jets and the Bills..has anyone seen the division they are in. So far this year the division has one a total of 2 games between 3 teams…TWO wins! and the only reason they have those wins is because they played eachother, someone had to win. If the Colts were in a division of a bunch of high school teams I am sure the stats would be alot more impressive.

    And they beat the Chargers..WOW! Do they even have a winning record.
    And the Cowboys, a team that had 5 interception agains the BILLS! hahaha the bills, you got to be kidding.

    As far as everyone in the NFL taping, it is true right….didn’t someone else get caught last year…let me think…oh the Packers right? oh wait…Thats right, the PATRIOTS when they were playing the Packers. So…Everyone does it but it so happens that the Patriots are the only ones to get caught, TWICE!

    Not saying Brady is not a good QB, but he is overrated…QB make good recievers, recievers do not make a QB. Brady had no “good recievers” becasue he cannot throw. He is “good” now because his offensive line gives him all day.

    Pats are slightly above average with a pathetic division and a weak schedule..


  14. I can’t believe people are commenting on this. It just shows that grease fires or polarizing stories get the most attention. I am going to start writing about things that will just get a reaction, wait a minute that Ann Coulter’s shtick.

  15. […] favorite team succeeding against all odds. Sure, the Patriots fans would have been happy if their Cobra Kai Yankees would have beat the Giants in the Super Bowl this year, but that doesn’t rank anywhere close […]

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