Cowboy Matt

As part of my job I get to visit ranches my company owns a few times a quarter. A few months back, after helping coordinate a rodeo cow “sorting” event, some co-workers and I decided to participate.


And oh yeah, this was my first time on a horse, EVER! After participating in the rodeo event, I was asked to help herd cattle for the rest of the afternoon. The only scary part was realizing that I had a horse at full gallop with only a half-hour of riding experience.

good times.


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Bill Belichick and the Patriots are Cheaters!

This guy is a cheater. I do not want to hear any excuses. I know my view of this story is colored by blue and orange glasses but in this case It is pretty clear Belichick is a cheater. In case you are not familiar with the situation check out all the raging stories over at to catch up. Bill Belichick and the Patriots have been video taping defensive signals of their opponents. If you do not understand why this is a big deal here is why. The defensive signals relay such information such as if there is a blitz coming or not, if a blitz will be disguised or not, if the coverage is man or zone, if the linebackers will blitz or drop into coverage or come after the QB, or if they will be playing the run or the pass. Basically it will tell you everything you need to know for your QB and offense to look like geniuses. Personally, I feel cheated, to watch the NFL over the last few years and see Brady look so poised and confident in the pocket and seem to constantly know the right thing to to with the ball and where to throw it, and now understand there is a strong likelihood that he had inside information as to exactly the defensive would be doing! This is incredible! It feels like finding out the Mormon Jeopardy guy who won some 6o straight times had and ear piece with someone giving him the answers.

Now I understand that an offense still has to execute and Tom Brady still has to make the throws, and Brady is wickedly accurate, but lets be honest the things that makes a QB great, truly great, is his decision making ability. As a Bronco fan I have been tortured the last few years by the suspect decision making ability of one Jake Plummer. With every game I would sit on the couch terrified that at any moment he would do something incredibly dumb. Truth is the one thing that kept Jake Plummer from ever being a great player was his decision making ability. He had the talent and ability but always would make a dumb choice at critical times. Now just imagine if this most critical component of poise and decision making is somehow manipulated so that the task is made easier for the Quarterback? I don’t care what anyone says, this is a huge advantage and changes the game completely, especially in game wining drive situations or crucial times of big games. You can argue I am over reacting but by cheating the Patriots have opened themselves up to this type of criticism and judgments.

Rant over.