Mark Driscoll is a busy boy

Well the boys at The Resurgence have quite a bit going on in the next year. Looks like they are launching their own publishing wing out of Crossway. Mark Driscoll Pastor of Mars Hill Church is planning the release of “Vintage Jesus” coming early in 2008 just for starters, which looks an expansion of his preaching series last year with the same title.

And this will just be the tip of the ice berg as it looks like at least 6 more books will be following, along with an awesome conference with John Piper and Matt Chandler as speakers. Read this post of his as he lays out all that he is planning on publishing in the next year or so, should be quite exciting. If Mark Driscoll’s coming books are as good as his first two then everyone should anxiously await reading them.


2 Responses

  1. I like the new look.


  2. Are you talking about the blog or Mark? That photo was orginaly put up by the Resurgence over a year ago.

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