Risk and Comfort

“Every time you say no to God you change a little. Your heart gets a little harder. Your spirit dies a little. Your addiction to comfort gets a little stronger.”

John Ortberg

Does God call us to things that are easy. Usually not. First thoughts that come to mind are Moses being told to go confront the most powerful man in the world, or Shadrach to dance in a furnace. What does that mean for us today? I think that in our culture which is addicted to technology and ease we might be more prone to the idol of comfort more than anything else.

Personally speaking it is comfort and a desire for security that makes me say no to God more than anything else. This goes all the way from the little and mundane, such as turning off the TV and spending time with Jesus, or putting down my book and talk to the loquacious person at Starbucks when I would rather not; to the extraordinary like planting a church or moving overseas. What happens when we say no to God? Can we? Or is it simply ordained that we will complete the good works that he has prepared in advance for us to do? I know there are serious biblical questions here, and we could get all exegetical and examine the relevant texts to reach a conclusion. But I am asking more at a soulish level. When are hearts are hard and we ignore the promptings from the Holy Spirit what happens?