UNLV Football “… praying for a miracle”

Bill Simmons is a widower to the Boston Bruins. While the franchise still exists, he considers them dead to him, and thusly calls himself a widower.

Myself, I am a grieving spouse of a team on life support: UNLV Football.

By the end of this season, I am expecting to be a widow. Which puts me in a slightly better position than Mike Sanford becuase I will still have a job (although something tells me he has made more in the last three years than I have made in the last ten, but that is besides the point).

Things just got worse, I think. Instead of Jason Thomas the Second running our team we have red-shirt quarterback Travis Dixon at the helm. Normally, I would consider it good news that Hinds isn’t the QB anymore (To best understand the brief Rocky Hinds era think back to Donavan McNabb’s fourth quarter choke against the Patriots in the Super Bowl a few years ago. You know the one where he was so freaked out he was dry heaving on the center? Now imagine if your QB had that demeanor every series! That was the Rocky Hinds era.). Normally, I would be excited to get some young blood out there to realize his potential. Here’s my problem:

Sanford’s job is on the line and he’s throwing a freaking red-shirt freshman as our starting QB! This like playing Texas Hold-Em, getting no cards all night, being down to only one more big-blind or two in your chip stack, seeing pocket three’s and saying, “Well this is the best I’m gonna get”, and going all in. At this point you are not expecting to win, you are praying for a miracle.

Can we please make this the advertising campaign this year,


“UNLV Football. We’re not expecting to win, We’re praying for a miracle.”



4 Responses

  1. Nice! I like watching the Mountain West Conference (well if they ever figured out this dang cable TV deal). UNLV always has troubles. I like Sanford and I don’t think they should fire him. I am praying they will improve as well because I hate them being beat by loser teams.

  2. just to clarify: I like Sanford. Everyone I know thay has been around the man likes him. I just don’t think the odds of him sticking around are very good, seeing as how we need ro have an improved season to do so. And the cable deal (lack there of) makes me want to scream. I mean your own network is a great idea IF YOU ARE A MAJOR CONFERENCE. The Mountain West having its own channel is like K-Fed putting out a rap CD… wait that happened?

  3. I like Sanford to, the problem is he runs an offense that requires disciplined, intelligent players. Those are hard to come by. This is the worst news I have heard today.

    The best news I heard was Colin Cowherd reading an interview with Bill Bayno talking about how Greg Oden drives a Ford Taurus. This is funny on so many levels, one being that I also drive a Taurus.

  4. […] explaining that they don’t play in Texas, also not great. But for those of us watching UNLV like a spouse watching their significant other on life support, this was the equivalent to the lifeless body squeezing our hand. We have now a glimmer of […]

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