Michael Savage San Francisco and Moral Relativism

This is Michael Savage. For those of you who do not know him he is one of the most prolific and widely listened to political talk show hosts in the country. He is about as controversial as they come, in fact he is probably more polarizing than Michael Vick. His opinions are often venomous and even hate filled. I have listened to him quite a few times and understand why he is so popular. He is entertaining and does a great job in playing on the fear of many. I have to say that I often think that a lot of his views are xenophobic, racist, and cruel. He is not afraid to label those he disagrees with as as mentally diseased (liberals) and deserving to be expelled from America.

I say all this because I find it to be the highest of ironies that he works and lives right in the heart of liberal land, San Fransisco. Good ol San Francisco is often known as being the most progressive city in the United States. By progressive I mean about as left leaning, social liberal, as France. Well after facing years of death threats in tolerant San Francisco and many of key city leaders doing just about any and everything they could to get rid of Michael Savage, they are finally going the legislative route. Read this article about the city actually taking a legislative vote to “condemn” Michael Savage. Now if you are not seeing the hypocrisy yet let me point it out for you. In a city that values tolerance, accept, multiculturalism, embracing all lifestyles and points of view, they are violating their own core values to JUDGE Michael Savage. Now Judge is like the F-word in cities like San Francisco, no one has the right to judge anyone else and morally evaluate what they say or do. So it raises the question is San Francisco as morally relativistic as it thinks it is?

I would argue no. The very first premise of moral relativism is that what is right for me is right for me, and what is right for you is right for you. In no way am I ever to impose my own moral opinions on you, and vice versa. Yet here we are with an angry conservative spewing all sorts of crazy talk in the heart of San Francisco and they want to condemn him. In order to condemn you must have moral authority and moral high ground. You must have clear confidence and knowledge that your moral position and value is clearly superior to the one you condemn. So it is not that cities like San Francisco and many others are moral relativists liberals, they aren’t. They really operate out of a moral framework that values human autonomy above all else. The self or individual is the sole moral authority and nothing or no one is ever to impose upon it. The self decides what is good for self, and all selves get to do likewise. This is the founding moral principle for moral relativism. Self rules. If this sounds familiar to you, it might be that you have read it before, all of it is really all ripped off from Genesis when Adam and Eve chose to follow this path and make themselves the moral arbitrators of their worlds. So it really is not that cities like San Francisco are that progressive, in fact their moral framework is just borrowed from the Bible. So do we go down the road continuing to suppress the truth in unrighteousness and try to be god? Or do we repent and find rest and salvation in the kingship of Jesus Christ.


3 Responses

  1. values human autonomy? You’ve GOT to be kidding, San Francisco? That city values the collective FAR above anything else. You’re correct though, in-so- far that if San Fran is really as MR as some claim, they wouldn’t mind the bi-polar Dr. Savage.

  2. I agree garet SF is quite socialistic in many of its political leanings. I should have been more clear that I was speaking more to their views on social issues.

  3. great insight Ryan. I was just in san fran last month to see a smashing pumpkins concert and I think you’re spot on of your analysis of the city

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