Broncos Training Camp

One of my top five favorite things about living in Denver is being home. I mean not home in just this is the city where my bills are mailed to, but home in the sense that I am amongst my people. Let me explain. I grew up a Bronco fan, in fact probably my earliest memory is around three and getting a John Elway Bronco uniform for Christmas, possibly the most memorable and best gift I have ever been given. Even as a kid I was obsessed with the Broncos. I remember “The Drive” against the Browns in which Elway led a clearly inferior team to victory in the AFC Championship game in last minute dramatic fashion. I remember staying home one year from Halloween, as a six year old, because the Broncos were playing the Jets on Monday night.

I say all of this to highlight that I have always been a Bronco fanatic. They are my favorite sporting team and when they won the Super Bowl in 97 I cried like a prom queen. It was my number one sports moment. Living in Denver I am among a whole city of people who feel just as I do. They to can recollect their favorite Bronco moment and intelligently discuss who will be a reserve weakside linebacker. I went to training camp today and as I sat there we all booed a guy who walked by in a Patriot jersey, I loved it. So as football season is coming upon us I will probably be writing more about it here on the blog, but it also got me thinking don’t we long to be among people who share our same passions and interests? I mean this is really what high school is all about, people gather based on common interests. Made me wonder why the church is should be like this, with Jesus being our rallying passion, and why the church many times, actually isn’t. Just a thought.


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