Well last week I finished my year of Hebrew.  My seem a little inconsequential to some but to me it was kind of one of those over the hump type moments.  Seminary will feel like a different experience for the remainder of it.  With languages behind me I have begun to think, “what now?”  I have no idea the answer to this question, and for right now I am just happy to have a little bit of a break.  I have to Aug. 27 until the semester starts back up, and feel like I need to use the time wisely to work “on” my life instead of just “in” my life.  Usually in periods such as this I do things like.

1.  Evaluate how I am spending my time:  This is always deeply convicting and and area that I am in need of constant sharpening, especially with NFL season starting up.

2.  Sit down with Crystal and talk about our Marriage, and about goals:  These conversations can be encouraging, depressing, hopeful and motivational.  Pray for us.

3.  Refine one year goals and five year goals:  I think people should avoid planning to firmly more than 18 months out.  Life is to fluid and God will often throw to many variables into life for long term goals to be effective.  My longer goals usually focus on not what I want to do, but more on who I want to be.  Granted there are some things in their I want to achieve but they are more fluffy then the one year goals.

Anyway pray that I would use this time wisely and that God would give me discernment to do that which he has planned in advance for me to do.  Periods such as these can often even be painful and require humility for me, at least they do when they are there most fruitful.



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