NFL, MLB, NBA What is up with sports?

Wow what a couple weeks it has been in sports.  Usually these last two weeks are the slowest in sports, unless you are an Arena Football fan (and I don’t think those actually exist).  But the last two weeks have been widely shocking for the big three professional sports in our country, lets recap.

1.  Dog Fighting in the NFL-    I covered this last week in a post so read that if you are behind on this story.  It has gotten worse though as PETA is now protesting outside Falcons headquarters, and the NFL offices.  Vick is most likely done for good with the Falcons, and possibly in the NFL.  At leas this league knows how to get rid of its trash.

2.  MLB and Barry Bonds-    I am tired of this story.  “Bar-roid” Bonds did steroids period. I do not care that he has not been convicted, neither was OJ Simpson.  The real controversy is that as Barry is on the verge of breaking the record, people want to know if the commish will show up.  I say who cares?  I find it more interesting that Henry Aaron has publically stated that he wants no part of it.  Personally I do not blame him.  Knowing what the guy went through in dealing with crazy racists threatening to lynch him, and the larger parks and inferior equipment this guy earned the record.  He deserves to be upset.

3.  The NBA scandal-    Well Matt might be as giddy as a school girl about this one because he loves black helicopter conspiracy mumbo jumbo and this story will now give him and all the other people who love to think things are rigged the ammo they have been waiting for.  I know this sucks and it is really bad for the game, and it might even leave many of us wondering when we see a ref make a crazy call if he is on the take.  But I am choosing to believe at the moment that this was one isolated guy who pulled a Pete Rose.  I do not think it is systematic of the NBA or will have long term consequences, truth is you are either an NBA fan or you are not.  This is not the 90’s anymore where there are casual NBA fans, those all died out when Michael Jordan left.  So for Me and Matt I am sure we will still both tune in when tip off roles around next year.

So there you have it crazy times in professional sports!  And to think that NFL is just about to get going.  I am going to Broncos training camp next week and am ready to declare that the Broncos are going to be legit this year, pending Jay Cutler learns about this thing called “his blind side.”  I will write next week about training camp, mainly for my own enjoyment.

cheers ryan