Michael Vick, Dog Fighting, and Tucker


This is my dog Tucker, and I love him very much.  I never thought I would be a “dog person.”  You know the type that misses their dog when they go on vacation, talks to them frequently, and loves to just spend time with them.  Crystal and I saved Tucker from the pound about a year and half ago, and while I probably would not put him in the family Christmas card he is part of our family.  Truth is we thought he had cancer a few weeks ago, and both of us seriously got quite upset.  Tucker is part German Shepard, and Bull Mastiff.  I say all of this today because the very notion of seeing him drowned, electrocuted, hung, or body slammed to death makes me want to vomit.  These activities are what superstar QB for the Atlanta Falcons Micheal Vick was indited for today.

Now I know Matt posted a few months ago about avoiding our “high horses” of thinking others are worse then us, but dog fighting is truly the bottom of the depravity barrel.  It is outrageously cruel and violent.  If nothing else the idea that one could find any sort of entertainment from watching and training dogs to maul each other to death, is callous and very sick.  Maybe this case bothers me so much because animals fall into the same group as kids, they are defenseless from abuse and evil.  Now I know we have to let due process take its course, but all evidence points toward these alligations being true.  Keep in mind he is being charged in FEDERAL court, not by some low budget, resource lacking, over ambitious, local DA.  He is dealing with the Federal government.  The Federal court Michael Vick will be appearing before is the same one that just nailed Scooter Libby, and have a 95% conviction rate.  WOW.  So yes these guys most likely have the goods on Vick, they do their homework and have all the resources you could ever imagine.  So to Michael Vick (bottom feeder) count me as one fan who will not buy any Nike products until they drop you, and will not watch anymore of your games.  Oh Tucker also does not want anything else to do with you.


7 Responses

  1. If proven guilty …. I hope they send this human waste away to prison for a long time.

    Do you think he reported the extra income to the IRS?

  2. Thanks for the post Ryan. I agree it is very sad indeed. I watched the story tonight with Piper curled up in my lap. It was on right after the story of the 2 1/2 year old kid that was beaten to death last night here in Vegas. It makes me cry to see the effects of sin so rampant in our culture.

  3. I love Tucker very much too. He is part of our family and it hurts me to think of him or any other animal being treated so viciously and brutally. If proven guitly, I hope that Micheal Vick and the others involved serve their punishment and are no longer allowed to have contact with animals. Clearly, those having any role in dog fighting have no respect for any life outside of their own.

  4. The thing that threw me over the edge was hearing that they built the entire compound for dog fighting. I mean, the house was built last, and only as a place for the men to live. This completely throws out Vick’s argument that he didn’t know that was going on there.

    Seriously though, was this a childhood dream? Did he think about getting to the NFL just so he would finally had enough money to fulfill his dream of being the biggest dog-fighter in the world? Plus, who would have thought that Mike would be the Vick brother spending the most time in jail?

    the real matt

  5. In my mind the worst thing is how he killed the dogs…drowning, electrocution, strangling, and slamming/beating are all ways to kill something in order to enjoy watching its suffering and death. Sickeningly, had he shot them or injected them, I think his chances of maintaining some kind of status would be better. Instead, people now know he is a sadistic torturer (if he is found guilty, of course).

    And on a veeeerrrryy cynical note – I have always thought Vick among the most overrated athletes of our time…a good running back that throws OK passes. This will prompt a future full of “what could have been” conversations that is going to rankle me every. single. time. What could have been would have been an overrated quarterback getting injured or traded. Now he will become the guy who “never reached his full potential”. I would argue that he already has.

    What if Kurt Cobain were still alive today, irrelevant and in his forties? He’d eihter be playing Vegas or strung out on drugs in a U-district apartment, granting occasional very bitter interviews and taking shots at Dave Grohl and his post-Nirvana awesomeness. Instead, his legacy was preserved through tragedy. So it will be with Vick.

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