Could it be that discipline regardless of the area of life is often the biggest inhibitor of us getting to where we want to go and what we believe God has called us to do?

I think this is true for me.

I am starting to realize that every area of my life that is not what I want it to be

a. physically

b. character and spritual growth

c. knowledge and occupational compentency

d. socially, even maritally

are all related to the issue of disciplines. I have long pushed back against the notion of discipline. After all I am a red blooded American who basks in my freedoms and autonomy (which if you break down the word autonomy it come from the greek word “autos” meaning self, and “nomos” meaning law, together equally self-law) and autonomy and this idea that I can be free from discipline, obligation, and diligence cripples me from being what I am made to be.

I am not advocating that we all work a lot harder and just develop militant lifestyles, but we can all use a little bit more discipline. As Christians we are to die daily to our flesh and pick up our Cross and follow Jesus. Jesus is asking us a pretty simple question in all of this, will you be reformed? Will you become a follower who is willing to be made new? One of my favorite things about Jesus is he is always completely cool with people coming to him just as they are, no matter how jacked up they are, in a sense he meets them where they are. But eventually he confronts them and calls them to be reformed or made new (John 8).

Much of this boils out of the fact that I have been trying to holistically add more healthy discipline to my life. Running/physical exercise, eating less and healthier, times of retreat with God, laboring more diligently in the tasks God has given me. What I am discovering though is that discipline is setting me free. It is a mechanism in which an idea or concept becomes a reality. I know running is a good for me, I am reformed by running. I know that eating right is wise, I am changed by the discipline of doing so. I know that God is something I believe in, I know God and am made new by him.

Maybe it is in the disciplines we are somehow changed?