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Great post on the Draft Ryan. That was probably the most exciting draft I have ever see. Some random responses to your post:

– I agree that the draft wasn’t as big as people made it seem. One reporter even said it was deeper than 2003. WTF? 2003 had Lebron, Carmelo, Wade, Bosh,Hinrich, Ridinour, David West (underrated), Boris Diaw, Leandro Barbosa (drafted by the Spurs by the way, how do they always do that?), Josh Howard, Luke Walton, and Jason Kapono.

– I will say that you brought up a good point about Corey Brewer being overrated, if you expect him to be a star. See if you expect every lottery (or first round pick if your team doesn’t have a lottery pick) to be a star, then this draft will surely dissapoint you. However, this draft is loaded with role players, hustlers, and guys who will flat out have long shelf lives. Some people are so stuck on projecting stardom onto draft picks that they either set this draft up to be the biggest bust ever (by expecting there to be at least 10 superstars) or they see only 3-4 possible stars and call it a bust.

Personally, I loved the quality of the draft. Think about it, there was only 1 lottery pick that was picked purely for his upside (Wright, although you could make a case for Yin). When is the last time that number was this low? When was the last time a guy was picked #5 becuase he was a proven scorer with a knack for winning over a freshman who could jump out of the building but thinks he should rule the world without trying? In many ways this draft shows the NBA scouts moving back towards what Paxson and the Bulls have proven for the past 5 years: use common sense when drafting. I am very excited for the direction this will take the NBA.

– Good call on Nick Young. I honestly believe he slipped this far becuase he had a creepy faux-hawk for years and scarred NBA execs. I’m not joking. The Hornets will be fun to watch next year.

– I disagree with you on Stuckey. I actually think he has the potential to be a good scorer in the leauge, and he’s got a great environment to work in at Detroit. Too many people let the Darko stink bomb override many great draft picks Dumars has taken over the last few years (which you could argue were stimulated by not wanting to pull a Darko again). I like Stuckey based on Dumars ability to see talent, but then again, he does have huge blind spots.

– This years “Most-Likely to End Up on Oliver Miller’s all Fat-Boy team” is Glen “Big Baby” Davis. But wait, Doc Rivers is a hard nosed discipline coach who can keep him off the Big Macs, right? Oh, wait he isn’t? Sorry Bill, the Sonics bent you over. Hey speaking of the Sonics…

How are they not getting credit for having the best draft night of everyone. Let’s recap what they were able to do:

1. Get the best player in the draft.
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2. Get rid of a 32 year-old 2 guard who is guaranteed $14 million over the next three years for:
   – The #5 draft pick! A proven scorer, who wins, makes his teammates    better, and is extremely clutch
   – A young point guard who hasn’t hit his ceiling for potential
   – Freddie Prince Jr.
3. Get a guy who averaged a double-double in the Big-Ten

Of all they did was get Kevin Durrant, they still had the best draft of any team. But they did so much more. Personally, I think they shouldn’t re-sign Lewis, save cap-room, and trade Wilcox, Wilkins, and Ridinour for Brad Miller and Mike Bibby. That trade helps both teams immediately. Oh my gosh, I’m turning into Bill Simmons.


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2 Responses

  1. Great stuff here matt. Truth is I know that Noah will probably get traded for Yi, KG, or KB but I kind of want to keep him. I think he will be the most quotable athlete since Charles Barkley. He has one of the those larger than life personalities where everyone thinks he is a cartoon character or something, and he actually is dead serious.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. That’s why, for the greater good, we need to root that he gets traded to a non-playoff team. That way TNT can have him in studio giving commentary with Ernie, Kenny, and Chuck. I would upgrade my cable package just to get those 15 minutes every other night.

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