Joakim Noah and some other thoughts on the 2007 NBA Draft

Here is the current background on my laptop.

This has to be hands down one of the greatest photos I have ever seen. First Joakim is going to be incredibly entertaining player for the Chicago Bulls. Even if he is not very good he will always be good for a quote and some off the wall foible. Second,David Stern’s face is classic, it is a mixture between wow this guy’s two fingers are bigger than my head, and this is not what I had in mind when I instituted the new NBA dress code. The only real comment I have about the Bulls drafting Joakim Noah is that it is further signs that when Kobe Bryant sets the Staples Center on fire the Bulls will be the most able to pull of the big trade and bring him to the Chicago Bulls. Think about it, Joakim Noah will be the perfect replacement for when the Bulls have to send Ben Wallace out to the Lakers, you watch its going to happen.

Few More Thoughts

1. Corey Brewer is over-rated. I know he is a good defender but he is skinner than Kevin Durant and has limited offensive capabilities. I could be wrong about this one but I think he is a poor man’s Bruce Bowen, except with a nicer smile.

2. Nick Young will be a star. He is going to the Hornets which will put him in the same backcourt with Chris Paul, giving him the chance to play with one of the best pure point guards in the league. Tyson Chandler is a defensive/rebounding artist that will provide plenty of second chance opportunities for Young to score. This is seriously one of the best situations for a young talented shooting guard to wind up in.

3. Glen “Big Baby” Davis will either eat himself out of the league, or everyone will discover that his vertical would barely get him over a phone book. I think he is a nice guy or “high character” as this is the hot buzz word right now, but he is just not an NBA type player. Sorry to break it to you Bill Simmons.

4. The draft was not as deep as everyone kept saying it was. when Rodney Stuckey is getting picked at #15 you know that you are not witnessing a deep draft. The only reason I remember him getting picked there is because one of the announcers called him a “poor man’s Dwayne Wade.” Which I think this analysis might be a little to kind. Time will tell.

Well if anyone is an NBA fan besides Matt, feel free to leave your thoughts on what you thought of the draft.  Ohh and one more photo of Joakim Noah that you have to see.  If anyone can tell me what it is he is wearing I would be grateful.



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