Web Wednesday – All John Piper Books $5

Right now, DesiringGod.org has all of John Piper’s books for $5.

Be patient, as you would expect, the server is running very slow.

Personally I would recommend:

The Pleasures of God


This is my favorite John Piper book ever. Nothing has helped shape my view of God’s glory, and self-sufficiency, than this great work on what God takes pleasure in. Nothing has ever encouraged me to read scripture to take great pleasure in God.

God is the Gospel

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When it comes to reformed views on the gospel, most people find it inapplicable to daily life and/or not practical for actually missional/evangelical work. This is a excellent work that treats the gospel as foundational and exhaustive to the Christian life. I find it a great study to help live on mission in this world. There is a reason Acts29 places this book in their missiology category of recommended books.

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

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A great selection of essays for a Biblical foundation of the roles of men and women. Plus, I have a man crush on Wayne Grudem. There I said it.


(Ryan, your recommendations?)


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  1. I was actually wondering this the other day in Hebrew class; How many “man crushes” is one allowed to have? I think we need to put a cap on it. I mean I can remember having a crush back in high school and usually it was one girl at a time, maybe two. So Matt make commitment, this poly-man crush stuff just ain’t right.

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