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First off this is a great example of a ministry truly putting their money where their mouth is. It is refreshing I imagine for many of us younger guys (and gals) who can be quite cynical about the use of money in ministries and their true motives, to see Desiring God take a loss (which they will on this sale) in order to get good books into people’s hands. So thank you Desiring God for doing this, it speaks very loud of your true intentions and mission. Here is what I would (or am going to) buy.

This book pastorally speaking, is wonderful for pastor’s to have on hand to give out or go through with Christians who are looking for “purpose.” It is classic Piper and is a great place to begin with for those who have not read much of his other stuff. Or it is a good book for those who might be a little intimidated by his larger more loquacious volumes.

Another book that deals with purpose. This book can best be used as a devotional, or even in some type of small group. But for those who are ready and called to lay down their lives and surrender their existence to Jesus are wise to closely heed the imperatives that he places upon his disciples. As we call him Rabbi and try to emulate him we should be clear and knowledgeable of what it is that he demands we do. Read this book.

Have not read this book, but I have listened to all the audio from the conference that it was produced out of. But what is not to like? A book that deals with sex and the supremacy of Jesus now that just has to be titillating. And if the conference sessions are close are anything like the chapters of this book it is worth your time.

Honestly just about everything they have is good stuff. The other Wayne Grudem book “Biblical Foundations of Manhood and Womanhood” is also a winner. So rather than highlight their entire inventory I would just tell you to go visit their website and be blessed by cheap books! There is even one on Open-Theism! So if your into Open-Theism surprise God and go buy the book, he will never see it coming!

note: my mocking and caricaturization of open-theism is meant to be humorous, if your sense of humor has been impaired or just never really developed I apologize, and will pray for you.



Web Wednesday – All John Piper Books $5

Right now, has all of John Piper’s books for $5.

Be patient, as you would expect, the server is running very slow.

Personally I would recommend:

The Pleasures of God

This is my favorite John Piper book ever. Nothing has helped shape my view of God’s glory, and self-sufficiency, than this great work on what God takes pleasure in. Nothing has ever encouraged me to read scripture to take great pleasure in God.

God is the Gospel

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When it comes to reformed views on the gospel, most people find it inapplicable to daily life and/or not practical for actually missional/evangelical work. This is a excellent work that treats the gospel as foundational and exhaustive to the Christian life. I find it a great study to help live on mission in this world. There is a reason Acts29 places this book in their missiology category of recommended books.

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

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A great selection of essays for a Biblical foundation of the roles of men and women. Plus, I have a man crush on Wayne Grudem. There I said it.


(Ryan, your recommendations?)