Every once in a while I like to post about a cool web innovation that has been helpful to me. Well I know its not Wednesday, but I have recently found a firefox add-on that has me more giddy than Snoop Dogg when he discovered Amsterdam. I am pleased to introduce to most of you the greatest blogging tool ever:


ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that is integrated into your browser. No more multiple tabs or windows when writing a blog. No matter if you go back, forward, or type in a URL in your browser, the blog editor remains open. If this were not great enough it is designed to allow you to drag and click any links or pictures that you want. So no more checking for photos and links and then trying to figure out how to save the photo where, or copy the right url. If you see a photo you like, simply drag it down.

After you have downloaded this phenomenal plug-in, simply right-click on a web page and select “Scribe-Fire” and then “blog this page”. The blog editor will pop-up in the bottom of the screen and you are ready to go. The account wizard is incredibly intuitive and all the buttons and tools are easy to use. This is my second time using it, and it cuts my total editing time down by about 1/3 to 1/2. I hope that this allows many of you fellow bloggers to blog more efficiently. Besides, spending less time blogging has to help our self-esteem right?




enough depression – how ’bout some fun?

Alright, I have been way to depressing lately. Time for some fun.

Not only does this validate the rabid bunny in Monty Python’s holy grail, but it disproves what I previous considered to be an irrational fear of squirrels by my wife.

Squirrel Goes on Rampage

Call me a sucker for good old fashioned slap-stick comedy, but anytime pranks and Sasquach are involved, consider me in. Watch all the videos, my favorite is the flaming poo.

Not quite sure how I came across this diamond. But this is the best cover of a rap song by an indie rock folk girl I have ever heard. For a better quality track of the song, check out Jenny Owen Youngs myspace.

I noticed this week that I was receiving ESPN Classic for free (thank you Dish Network). Now the best part, besides all of the great NBA playoff replays, is the fact that they show the single greatest show of all time twice a day. What is that show, you guessed it: American Gladiators. Let’s just say that I am Tivo-ing all episodes for my personal stash. (note: my wife gives me that look when I watch it. You know that look that says, “If I weren’t a Christian this would totally be a deal breaker for me” look. I’d say I get it a solid 3-4 times a week.)

Steve McCoy and Joe Thorn Liveblogged Nowhere near the SBC Conference in San Antonio. Now if you have ever read a live blog from a conference, or understood the level of tension and unintentional comedy at a denominational conference, this is for you. Although I think Tim Challies probably thinks its mocking him. I didn’t get half of the Southern baptist inside jokes, but rather enjoyed how much Steve and Joe were enjoying themselves.