Now I gotta say that this is just my favorite brewery in the world, hands down. Almost every beer they make is a homerun and the company just rocks. I have taken the tour a few times now (and I use the term tour loosely because it is really sitting in a bar and drinking beer) and the ethos of the employees and New Belgium is truly unique. I mean the head guy there who is in charge of giving the tours, but really just stands around acting silly and drinking beer, wears a kilt and has bees tattooed all over his body. And because I have become more and more environmentally concerned over the last few years I admire that their brewery is the most enviormentally friendly building in all of Colorado. They spent three times what it could have cost to build it with materials and methods that would maximize its energy efficiency and use. Then combine all of this with the fact that Skinny Dip is a stellar beer that I find myself looking forward to before I get home and you know you have a good beer.

I know that this is not a beer and does not go in the fridge but when you are as good as Jose Curevo you transcend all lists. A few weeks ago I was at the liquor store (that probably sounds weird to people who live in Vegas but here they do not sell booze in the super markets so you have to go to a liquor store to get anything that is not 3.2 beer) and I saw this beautiful bottle of Jose half off!! After rubbing my eyes for a few seconds and confirming it with the store clerk I purchased it and ran out the door before the store changed their minds. Since then I have been in the pursuit of the perfect margarita, which I am no where near but I gotta tell you I am sure enjoying all the attempts along the way. If anyone has any suggestions on a good margarita let me know.


Here are the last couple of things I have listened to on my iPod

1. Sermons: to many to list

2. Randy Travis: I don’t care what anyone thinks about this. I like him.

3. Shane and half: These guys are always good

4. Snow Patrol: Not sure what I think of them yet


Kept By the Power of God by I. Howard Marshall

Mr. Marshall who is a retired honorary research professor at some prestigious school in Europe and wrote this book back in the 1964 and it is now out of print. I have been wanting to read it for quite some time and finally found a copy of it at the seminary library. I think I am the first person to check it out in about thirty years, and whoever did last wrote all over it. Anyway, the book is an exegetical study on key passages that deal with the issue of one losing their salvation and if this is possible.

Everyday Theology editor Kevin Vanhoozer

Every person who continues to draw the false dichotomy of theology not being practical to life/ministry needs to read this book. What I have possibly enjoyed most about this book is that it shows that theology DOES matter, and not just to ivory tower theologians but to everyone who calls themselves a Christian. It has become overly trendy the last few years to utter statements like; “I just want to love Jesus and people and not worry about doctrine and stuff like that.” While the sentiment of loving people and Jesus is admirable is is disasteriously misplaced and naive. Because the ocean of practical theological questions logically follow from those statements.

1 . Who is Jesus?

2. What is biblical love?

3. How do you biblically love people?

4. How do you love Jesus?

And that does not even deal with the apologetical questions that must be answered as well. Now I am not advocating that everyone needs to become a scholar and devote their lives to study the finer nuances of the Trinity and eschatology. But it is a cop-out to think that theology is not something all of us engage in all the time. We all have thoughts on God, Jesus and the Bible, so we are all theologians the question is will we become good biblical theologians. Vanhoozer’s book seeks to promote just that. That as Christians we will have the theological grid to process the culture and world we live in. It is intensely practical and written to be a guide for all of us to understand the world we live in from a Biblical framework.

A Long Obedience In The Same Direction by Eugene Peterson

This is just one of those classic books that everyone should read. It has been personally convicting and rewarding and a fairly easy read. Ironically it is this book that birthed Eugene’s journey to write The Message. As he wrote this book he wanted to put some of the Psalms he is writing about into modern language so the reader could really feel the emotion that the original audience heard. He decided to do just a few of the Psalms for this book and it took off from there. Check this book out you won’t regret it. On second thought read anything by Eugene Peterson and you will be blessed by it.

cheers ryan