Does one’s perception of truth affect the way they hear statements like; the Bible is true, or Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life”?

If someone hears something different than what we said, becuase of the way they interpret certain buzzwords, should a pastor/communicator change how he preached/communicates?
– Did Jesus?
– Did Paul?

If the law was meant to convict us of our sin, and bring death, then how can we delight in it?

Does a person that comes from a legalistic background have a better understanding of grace, or does this actually have a negative impact on their understanding of grace?

Is the default religion of our heart legalism?

Is the default religion of our heart idolatry?

If the default religion of our hearts is not worshiping God, then why are we surprised when we sin?

If someone doesn’t beleive in absolute truth is it okay for me to kick their dog, or to steal their cheeseburger?

If we are to worship God in Spirit and in truth, what role does does one’s perspective of truth play in their ability to worship God?

How authoritative is the Bible to you? No, really.

If the Bible were your absolute authority, how would this week look different than last week?

How different is the Old Testament than the New Testament?
– Is it Indiana Jones Trilogy type diffferent
– Is it Matrix trilogy type different?
– Is it progressive?

What role does the end of the Bible play in reading the Bible (new heavens and new earth)?

What role does the beginning of the Bible play in reading the Bible (creation/fall)?

What role does the atonement play in reading the Bible?

If all Jesus had to do was die a perfect death then why did he live for 33 years, and not sacrificed as an infant?



2 Responses

  1. If you’re not going to make this mulitple choice, I am not playing.

  2. I have an uncle who I go round and round with theologically every now and again. He asked me one time, “If you were born in Iraq, would you be muslim?” Think about it. For me, the answer is probably. Yeah, I probably would be. As much as I believe I have found Christ because I refuse to settle for anything but the truth, the answer is probably a much more simple, “I was born in America.”

    I think our perception of truth greatly effects how we read the Bible and interpret sermons and conversations. As much as I want to believe that everything I have faith in is exactly the way I believe it, experience has told me I am probably wrong. Think about it. The only things we know about God is what he has rolled up his sleeve and allowed us to see. It’s not like we are outsiders looking in. We are insiders looking up.

    We can only know truth in as much as He lets the truth be known.

    And yes, you can steal their hamburger.

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