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In the Fridge

Redhook India Pale Ale (IPA)

This is my third favorite IPA (#1 Mongoose IPA, Hales Ales – Seattle, WA; #2 Bridgeport IPA, Bridgeport Brewery – Somewhere in Oregon), although it is the best IPA I can find in Vegas (#2 Thunderhead IPA, Pyramid Brewing – Seattle, WA). Nice and hoppy with a phenomenal aftertaste. While it is a pale ale, it is not the best beer for 100 degree days due to the fact that maximum flavor is achieved after sitting out for about 15-20 minutes. The better a beer is, the better it tastes when warmer. I’m not saying a beer shouldn’t be cold, I’m simply working off a premise all beer snobs are well aware of: lighter beers are best ice cold because they lack substantial flavor. That being said, while the IPA is great, I’m drinking it inside, not on the porch. And since we have a great new porch, my second beer is the …

Pryamid Curve Ball

No beer says spring and summer like Pryamid’s Curve Ball. This Kölsch style beer perfectly exemplifies spring and summer. Named after a summer staple (baseball) this is the perfect beer for sitting out on the porch with a couple buddies talking about sports, theology, or anything for that matter. I cannot say enough for this beer except: ITS NOT IN MY FRIDGE. Somehow every liquor store within a 20 mile radius hates me and my buddy Derek as when went on a journey to find curve ball’s last week. Such a great spread that most Vegas liquor store have (all the locals will understand my sarcasm here) they have neglected this great beer. Although, Lee’s did have Butt Monkey. Hey Ryan, if only they had Ass Goblin.

Longhammer IPA (by Red Hook)

Can you believe that Red Hook came out with a second IPA? Neither could I becuase they packaged it completely different. I actually passed this up at the store a couple times and would have missed it completely had not my buddy Derek bought it for me as a bartering trade for some stuff he took home from our yard sale last weekend. This is one of the smoothest IPA’s I have ever tasted, which depending on how big of a hop-head you are, is either a good or bad thing. I would say this to those of you who have not had a good IPA experience: go buy a sixer of Longhammer IPA, it will change your perspective.

NOTE: I wrote all that down before I read this quote by a concerned drinker, and someone in the know.

pirateale (1 month ago)

i was very disappointed in this new Red Hook IPA, then i was delt another blow to find out the “long hammer” replaced their original IPA. Altho the long hammer is far more palatable for average beer drinkers, hop heads beware, low IBUs simplistic hop and malt profiles overall a light session ale. this is a very small beer

michaelyblam (1 month ago)
According to Redhook – the original IPA and the Long Hammer is one of the same beer. There’s no difference except the name.

Alright, I’m a moron, onto the grill (wait I’ve been moving and haven’t had time to grill). Well then how about a quick shelf/ipod

On the Shelf

Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owen

Everything Justin Taylor and John Piper say about Owen is true. He’s amazing. One concept he has helped drive home to me which has had a tremendous affect on my walk with God and my preaching is the idea that sin comes from inside us, not from out in the world. That might seem like a simple/stupid point, but slide down that rabbit hole with your own soul and see how deep it goes.

Keller’s Gospel Class PDF’s

All that gospel saturated, foundational stuff you come to love by Keller, but given in a 200+ page leader’s guide, and 80+ page small group format. Just great to meditate on. If you haven’t read or listened to anything by Keller click on our links and get ready to achieve super-Christian status.

Bible passages about the Word of God

For the next 5-7 days I am going to be flushing out some thoughts on how we receive the word of God, and how we perceive his grace. Whether we like it or not most of us view life through a postmodern hermanuetic (the meaning of the author is in our interpretation not in the authors intent. For further study of the postmodern hermanuetic and God’s Word, read this great book), and that deeply affects the way we take in the scriptures as well as they way we perceive God’s grace. Should be good times.

On the ipod

Since my ipod’s on the fritz and I got scolded by one of the eight people in my church for listening to “secular” music, this will be brief.

Bloc Party, Bloc Party, and Bloc Party (I freaking love bloc party)

As always, feel free to write what’s in/on your fridge/grill or shelf/ipod. Although no one ever does.



One Response

  1. Fridge-Newcastle (I mean, come on…did you expect anything less?), Carona – some like it, some hate it. I like it. With or without grenadine (yeah that’s right, I said it…who wants a piece?)

    Shelf-Sex God – short and sweet with some good stuff. Just like my…wait…gonna leave that one alone. Team of Rivals – it’s the book that won’t end. It’s good, I just feel like everytime I finish a chapter, two more grow out of the end of the book.

    Grill-Hamburgers! Come on, it’s summertime. You can grill those tasty little guys up in like ten minutes without any prep work.

    Ipod-Damien Rice. Man I love that guy. Also been going old school with some Third Day. I know, I know, but hey, what can I say? I love me some Mac Powell!

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