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Been way too busy to write anything substantial, so like my buddy Jake, I am throwing out a video instead. This is long, but it is amazing. Kind of goes along with the Paris Hilton post I wrote last week. Please respond with comments as to what you think.

Thanks to Bob Hyatt for the video.


5 Responses

  1. Ferguson seems to be a man of class…a while back he booted Bill Maher for trying to riff on child pornography. The ‘hobo in the graveyard’ line nearly made me spit all over the screen.

    As for parallels with the recent P Hil discussions, he seemed to be more concerned with Mrs. Federline. In my opinion, to compare the two, Britney seems more bound by things she can’t get under control, while Paris seems to choose very carefully what she does and flaunts herself and her actions to everyone. Britney personifies the cry for help, while Paris personifies the sneering hedonist. The two will evoke very different reactions in me, at least.

  2. So the cry for help when out of control sinful lifestyle is to be more pitied than the calculated flaunting of a sneering hedonist. I just can’t accept that. That in one case we pity when bad stuff happens, yet in the other case we applaud justice (either of God or man).

    Furthermore, there have been just as many drunken, weed smoking photos of Paris. Only when she’s drunk she makes pornos and calls Lindsay Lohan a firecrotch. She just happens to be a better drunk who came from a family that taught her how to handle herself in public (remember Paris had a silver spoon when Britney came from country folk, most of how they handle themselves probably has more to do with that than with calculation).

    I just cannot make the separation without admitting that the separation is a) speculatory, and b) founded on an extreme bias becuase Paris carries herself as a huge (insert Snoop Dog word here).

  3. Ahhh Matt, you’re like the cartoon character that says, “Hey look, do I have something on my knuckle?” And when someone leans forward to check, you hit them in the face. It’s part of why we all love you so.

    I do make the distinction. If it’s possible, I see Paris as nearly Pharisaical in her self-righteousness. She made some nosense statement not too long ago about how she provides “hope” for so many young girls. Give me a break. Jesus had words for unrepentant people like her. It was the cries for help, the questions to seek understanding, the humility in sin, where he had the kindest words and repsonse. To all he said go and sin no more, but he definitely treated the broken differently.

    Paris is carrying a Bible now, though, so I guess I could be wrong. It’s hardcover and if you look hard enough you can see the stamp of the Gideons on it, so I’m sure it’s not some stunt. She could not be more execrable if she tried.

    Do I hope she surrenders to Jesus some day? Yes. Do I like her, or particularly care if she is successful in life? No. Would I do anything I could to help her heart to change? Yes. Am I eager to put forth the effort to do so? No. It’s the Lord’s business and I am happy to leave it to him.

  4. Adam I think I am going to have to agree with you. Paris is much more methodical and calculated. She is like the bully in the school yard who would instigate trouble and play off others emotions to get them to fight or act out, and then sit back and enjoy the mayhem. Britney is the ADD kid who is just an emotional wreck and out of control. When you go around shaving your head and kicking people’s cars you have lost control.
    And that is the word that distinguishes the two, control. Britney is out of it, and Paris for the most part has been rather cunning and shrewd, and all the while in control. I am not saying one is worse than the other, but I am saying this is the major difference. Think about it what separates the depraved Enron executive and the bank robber? They both steal, but Enron guy is smarter and more intelligent. At the end of the day both are lost. Not just spiritually but personally. Both of them live a surreal life that allows for no reflection, discipline, adversity, or meaningful connections with other people. And these are all the things that shape most of us and help us figure out who we are, and what we are made of. I think this is why the idea of Paris going to Jail is mildly titillating to me, because I believe it just might actually be the best thing that could happen to her. Craig may be on to something when he talks about lightening up on Britney and Anna Nicole, but Paris is different. In fact she thrives off the ridicule and publicity and has in many ways shaped a young generation of teenage girls with her antics.

  5. um…the video was good.

    Thanks for the shoutout. My traffic increased by 400% (from one to five! I’m living the dream baby)

    I’m going to leave the paris/britney debate alone.

    Good video.

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