beckwith – revisited

I am going to hell.

Actually, I don’t believe that. But you would be skeptical based on the amazing response I got last week from a blog I wrote during the last 20 minutes of my lunch break. Last Monday I wrote a blog entitled “Francis Beckwith” In it I compared the evangelical world’s reaction to Beckwith’s decision to revert to the Catholic faith to the wrestling world’s reaction to Hulk Hogan joining the NWO. The piece was both a commentary on the reactions to the issue, and a bit of a confession of how I processed the entire ordeal. Here, in no particular order, are some of my responses to what was said about myself and the post:

– Despite what this guy, this guy, and this girl say, my name is not “A. Blogger”, or “One Blogger”. My name is Matthew Hudgins. C’mon, my name is in the about me section. A little respect would be nice.

– I did not say that I thought Frank’s decision to go back to Rome was like a wrestler turning heel. I used it as an analogy for how many evangelicals were responding. Anyone who knew the Hogan story would understand, but for those who don’t, let me explain.

When Hogan turned heel, wrestling fans lost it. Now assuming that at least 50 percent of the audience that night knew that wrestling isn’t real (I know I’m being generous), this didn’t stop them from being so emotionally wrecked by Hogan’s decision that they literally threw all of their garbage into the ring. That was the heart of my analogy: most evangelicals were so emotionally disturbed by Dr. Beckwith’s news that they started throwing their garbage into the ring (blogging). Got it? Good.

– I’m still not sure if Amy Welborn liked the post, or was being sarcastic. Either way I would officially like to thank her for the free publicity.

– Apparently I won a prize from the Conservative Philosophers blog, in which Dr. Beckwith is a part. Although I have still yet to be contacted or informed on what exactly this prize is.

– Both Francis and I went to UNLV. GO Rebels!

– Both Francis and my wife went to St. Viators Catholic Church growing up.

– I had the pleasure of calling my mom on Mother’s Day and telling her that her son was referenced in a Washington Post article. Then I had to explain that I was not going by the pseudonym “A. Blogger”. I then had to explain to her what a blog was. I then had to explain that blogging was not “stupid”.

– Two people actually blog here. Myself, and James Vanderbeek.

Dawson Leery called me on Monday last week to tell me our blog had blown up. Our previous high of people hitting up our blog was 39. Monday we had 280. For the week we had over 700. That being said, welcome to our blog, various Catholics and marginalized Evangelicals

– We like to take ourselves lightly here, so have some fun okay. We love theology, pop culture, Rebel basketball, and various other activities. So feel free to join our conversation, except for you Augustine. Your freaky and scare us. You’re not allowed to play anymore, so go to your room.




4 Responses

  1. Actually my name is Ryan Kearns and I am the other guy that blogs here. I just ride the coat tails of Matt and post about as often as a lunar eclipse occurs. And no I do not look like the Dawson Creek guy matt is just prone to hyperbole.

  2. I think not, the proof is in his profile photo.

  3. Matt, you’re not going to hell for your post, you’re going to hell because you drink beer and yell at your wife. Duh.

  4. And listen to Rock and Roll.

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