Good call Lost, good call

Well since our blog has turned into a pop culture reference site (which I am cool with) I thought I would comment on Lost deciding to set an end date for the TV series.

So why the need to set an end date for the program?  Let me explain by way of analogy.  We all know that guy who found that great girl that they fell head over heals for.  You know the type of girl you would stay up all night with talking at Starbucks.  They begin dating and the relationship is fantastic, they relate well, they enjoy each other’s company, and just love being with one and other.  This guy is more than willing to just let their relationship go on like this indefinitely, but she is not.  She wants to know what the end game is, where is this relationship headed?  Well sadly, the guy just shrugs his shoulders mumbles some stuff about how he is happy with the way things are and just wants to keep living day to day.  This story always ends the same way, she will try and wait him out, then get frustrated and eventually they are headed for splitsville.  What happened?

Well the guy in this analogy is ABC network.  They would like to just keep stringing the girl along ( the viewer) but eventually we want some resolution.  The only TV program that can avoid this is situation is pro wrestling, and soap operas but they would fall into the “tease” catagory, lots of promise, but never fully deliver.  Think about it, why do we love sports?  Because there is drama, suspense and then in the end a climactic victory/resolution, such as the NCAA tourney.

Well Lost was able to string us along for close to 2 1/2 seasons before many starting jumping ship because they just sensed there was never going to be an ending.  Its to bad this has happened to because Lost has brought it like never before this last half of the season.  And as hard as it is for me to admit this, it has become the best show on TV (sorry Jack Bauer you will always have a special place in my heart).  So for all of you who may have given up on Lost because you thought it never would commit, COME BACK!! The next three, and final seasons will be some of the best in TV history I promise you.


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