Forget Mayweather v. De La hoya

Man, forget Mayweatherr v. De La Hoya. You can even forget Liddell v. Jackson (yeah, right this fight is going to be awesome). The real fight is taking place over God. The only problem, we’re not exactly sending out the A-Team. Or even the JV team. In fact, well… THIS SUCKS!

In fairness to our side, I think two appropriate debaters would be a community college science professor and Mike Seaver’s old friend Boner. Alas, it’ll probably be Hawkins and Hawking.




One Response

  1. Holy Crap how is the fair? This is like sending a little Shepard boy out represent your nation, against a big bad giant for the other nation! I guess we will have to hope the Mike Seaver has some smooth stones and great aim.

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