Car Time – Matt

Below Ryan posted on how he handles his car time. This is also an area that I give a good amount of focus and thought to. Since I have become bi-vocation my time is more precious to me than Britney Spears is to paparazzi. Some days I can spend up to 2 hours in my vehicle. I am such a music lover, that formerly, I would simply crank music anytime I was driving in my car.
Since my time has become more precious, I have made a list of categories for activities I can do in the car. Now every time I am getting in my car I discern what is necessary from my categories, and am able to spend my time much more wisely. Here’s a list of my categories and the media that is involved.

Bible Intake:

– Scripture meditation/memorization

– Sermons


– Prayer for the city (every time I’m in my target areas or thinking of family and friends)

– Worship (gotta love Mars Hill bands, add a little DCB, Tomlin, JOC and Chris Heifner)

Culture Connection:

– Morning: Mark and Mercedes on Mix 94.1 (no one captures the mainstream vegas culture, plus ryan was on one time)

– Morning 2: Adam Carolla (seriously the funniest and smartest man on radio. I absolutely love hearing his perspective on life)

– Evening: Xtreme Disorder on 107.5 (These guys are complete dirtbags, and have no redeeming qualities. But, as a missionary, I need to realize there is a reason 107.5 allows a modified talk-show on the drive home)


– NOTE: I used to decompress for about 30 minutes to 1 hour at home. Because of this, the dog didn’t get walked until 7:30, then Vicky got home at 8:15 and before you know it would be 9:30 and I hadn’t gotten a thing done for DOXA. Becuase of this, if I have had a long day, I decompress in the car with…

– GREAT MUSIC: perfect to roll the window down to, sing aloud, and let my brain forget the person in front of me drives like an 8 year old on a slurpee high.

Connecting with people:

– This is a great time to check off the calls I have on my to-do list.

This system had given me a great deal of flexibility with my schedule, taken away a great deal of stress, and generally helped me become a more productive human being.



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