Car Time – Ryan

I think it is safe to say that many of us spend way more time in the car than we realize or would like. But I have come to see this as time that I really enjoy. Maybe this is because I listen to my iPod and block out all the crazies around me on the freeway, or it could be that there is some really good CD’s out right now that I am digging. But here are a few other things I have found to be fun while driving to seminary everyday.

1. Listen to sports radio: Now I know that women might not find this to be as worthwhile but for guys who like to blog, debate, or talk sports it is really quite addictive. My favorites are Colin Cowherd, and Dan Patrick. There are a few other big names out there like Jim Rome but I just can’t get into his polemic style. There are also a few local “meatball” sports talk guys that are good for my Broncos fix, but they talk way to much about hockey. Memo to local “meatball” sports radio guy; the NHL is dead on no one besides figure skating fans care about sports that involve an ice rink. (okay that was a bit harsh but you get my point)

2. Listen to audiobooks: I have two of them and I am actually really enjoying this. This started with me listening to sermons, and Greek grammar lectures but has evolved into audio books. Audio books are a great for books you would really like to read but honestly know you will never have to time for. And for those of you who do not want to buy an audio book you can get a great one for free right now by going to Justin Taylor’s blog and following the link.

3. Hang out with King Jesus: For those moments when I get out on the right side of bed and am feeling all uber-spiritual, I find myself praying for my community and neighborhood as I drive through it. I bless those who try to run me off the road, and know that Jesus wants them to hear the gospel. I pray for the homes that I pass by and hope that the name of Jesus would be known and glorified in them. And I pray for the skyline of Denver, knowing the Jesus wants to redeem it and use it for his great mission.

So those are a few suggestions for what you can do with all that time in your car. Or you can think about how gas just continues to get more and more expensive, and call into talk shows and decide who to blame. Not that I have done this or anything…



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