creative web use

Planting a church is difficult. With all the intense spiritual warfare, and just plain time consuming nature of the endeavor, church planting is quite difficult. Now what is one to do when, on top of all this, one wants to find an inexpensive way to communicate with many people regarding his plant, and also have a way to easily disseminate information.

I give you the myspace, church-planting beta-website.

Check out the site for yourself:



5 Responses

  1. Hey what happened to the links? How am I supposed to go to other blogs without them?

  2. You could have taken my advice regarding the “google reader” a few weeks back. The links are back up.

  3. I could have, but that would have meant me learning something I do not want to learn.

  4. hey what happened to Vegas Missional? Is it still around, or did you delete it?

  5. technically you can still go there, but it stands as a relic ready to be deleted by some typepad intern.

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