Ask And You Shall Recieve

Here it comes…

Okay I promise to drop this issue for the time being but I could not help but link to it for the time being.  I also was going to post on the grille/beer thing that Matt did like a month ago and never got around to it.  So last night I went to a Rockies game, not so much because I like the Rockies but because Coors Field is one of the best ballparks in the world.  Anyway, it gave my heart a great stirring as all around me I saw millions of depraved people paying six bucks for cheap, nasty, light beer.  This is truly a sign that the end times are near.  Person after person who walked by me, had one in each hand.  This means that many were spending more on this cheap dirty beer than they were on their game tickets.  Or this could just be a massive indictment on how horrible the Rockies are.  Needless to say, I loved going down to LoDo last night with 70 degree temps, and a playoff Nuggets game going on and a Rockies game.  I must admit I love living here in Colorado.


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