“Preaching ain’t easy”

I better keep my praise hand strong because preaching ain’t easy.  I taught tonight and have very mixed feelings about it.  I feel like it went okay but I want better than okay, I want great.  For some reason I felt like much of the night I was hanging on by a shoe string, and that I just needed to keep truckin along or the whole darn thing was just going to fall apart.  Maybe like if you are driving a car held together by duck tap out in the rocky flats.

Yet when I sat down and ready myself for the critiques to come, they were not there.  At least not in the droves or to the degree to which I thought they would.  Little things like, keeping my hand in my pocket to long and not letting some of my points sit and sting, but for the most part things were favorable.  I am just sitting here processing about the disconnect between what I felt and precieved to have happened and what I was told really happened.  So what is it that runs through our minds when we speak?  What is it that makes us think our words are not getting through?  Well for me it is just rust, and inexperience.  I read some Keller stuff today and was struck by his pleading with young guys to just keep on preaching, keep on truckin, and keep on working.  So I do, and I will.  I am preaching this sunday at church for our sunrise service.  I am nervous about it, but I will keep preaching, teaching, and growing.