klosterman on oden

I love Chuck Klosterman. Seriously one of the best and smartest writers alive. Here’s why he likes Greg Oden so much:

Frankly, Oden is my favorite player in this entire tournament. I love his stoicism. I realize members of the media are supposed to love “raw emotion,” but I always find that undignified. At this very moment, I assume Joakim Noah is moshing around his hotel room and eating handfuls of glass and yelling at “The View” and hitting a tennis ball between his legs; he is a citizen of the world, but he’s also something of a lunatic. I prefer the expressionless Mr. Oden, a person who’s likely sitting beneath a singular table lamp, silently reading Chuck Eddy’s analysis of the British Invasion while peeling a tangerine. I always want my post players to be intimidating-yet-wooden.

Did I mention how much I love Chuck Klosterman.

HT: Chuck Klosterman’s Final Four Blog

Matt out


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