next years team

    UNLV’s 2007-2008 Roster

Player Position Height Class
Wink Adams G 6-0 Jr.
Emmanuel Adeife C 6-10 Jr.
Corey Bailey F 6-5 Sr.
Troy Cage G/F 6-5 R-Fr.
Joe Darger F 6-7 Jr.
Scott Hoffman G 6-3 So.
Jerome Johnson C 6-8 R-So.
Efrem Lawrence G 6-0 Sr.
Marcus Lawrence G 5-11 So.
Lamar Roberson F 6-8 So.
Rene Rougeau G 6-6 Jr.
Mareceo Rutledge G 6-3 Jr.
Matt Shaw F/C 6-8 So.
Curtis Terry G 6-5 Sr.
Kendall Wallace G 6-4 Fr.

    Probable starting line-up

Lawrence and Wink in the back court (with the possibility of bringing Curtis in for a three guard lineup)
Darger, Cage and Roberson in the frontcourt

Size will be an even bigger issue that it was this past year, having no player taller than 6’8″. I would expect to see Lon really experiment with the line-up a ton in the early season. I predict a really slow start to this team, not becuase I don’t think they have the talent, ability, or the heart to play well. But rather becuase it won’t be until around early to mid-Jan until Lon can figure out the right line-up and rotation.

Without seeing the schedule, here’s my early prediction:
22-12, including a win in the Mtn. West championship
9th seed in the NCAA’s with a second round loss to Georgetown

Feel free to chime in

Matt out


3 Responses

  1. First off we do have a player over 6’8 Emmanuel is 6’10. I also think Jerome Johnson and Matt Shaw are going to be decent post players. After we need to remember that Kruger turned Gaston and Joel into great defenders and good overall players. I think the team is just going to be flat out young, and struggle with adversity. Hopefully Lon schedules light to build up some confidence for this fragile team. Truth is though Wink must now or never turn into the “go to guy” everyone thought he would be coming out of high school. We need him to be a scoring threat. Also most of this will come down to if Marcus can turn into a great PG or not. So it should be fun ride.

  2. Alright, list your three factors that will make or break the team. Here’s mine:

    – Wink’s ability to find confidence in his game and keep it
    – Marcus’ ability to hit the three/mid-range pull up
    – The emergence of a third scorer (cage, shaw, roberson?)

    Note I did not include any defensive categories, becuase I don’t think that’s a make or break factor. I actually expect our defense to be better than last year.


  3. 1. Depth and quality post players (equally ability to rebound and defend inside)
    2. Confidence: This will be a team that will need some early ego boosts
    3. Floor leader/ heart and soul player: Every good basketball team has at least one player is picks everyone else up. Kevin Kruger was that player this year and was more than I think we could ever hope for next year, but we need a guard that just embodies a winning attitude that breeds in everyone else.

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