to quote hoss

“The Spirit of Tim Keller is upon her, because the Lord has anointed her to help her husband plant a church; he has sent her to bind up the broken vision, to proclaim liberty to the captive thoughts, and the opening of the prison to those ideas that are bound”

Alright, a background story is necessary to justify that blasphemous changing of Isaiah 61. The short of it is that my mind was actually paraphrasing that as my debilitated wife (because of cramps) shared what the Lord has showed her regarding our church plant. Let me explain.

Friday night my wife couldn’t sleep, so she spent the night praying and researching acts29 stuff in order to help as best she could with the planting of a church in Vegas (note: if I were awake, this would have been incredibly sexy). She put together her thoughts, and had no intention of sharing them until I had finished doing my research and prayer to help polish up the vision. The next morning I dusted off my Redeemer Church Planting Manual and decided, “Hey, didn’t I buy this for a reason?” Plowing through the first few chapters, and while praying, many thoughts became to come together. I’ll list them in order:

– I must become a man of prayer and spiritual discipline. The task at hand demands it
– If we are to build a core, then we must focus on building a core. Not trying to build a core, and be attractional. Or build a core, and preach though books of the Bible. All of which we were trying to do
– Vision must be put out, and the core as it develops, will respond to that vision by developing the missional aim of the church
– As the planter I will disseminate these ideas into a fluid vision that lines up with the scriptural mandate for the church as it lines up with the culture of the city

These are my paraphrases of Keller’s church planting techniques that helped get Redeemer off the ground. Vicky’s vision idea’s, were nearly verbatim of the actual Keller quotes I had highlighted in the manual. This was a great confirmation, as were the many conversations that followed this past weekend.

I am grateful for God’s faithfulness to this church plant, and very excited to see how the next few months play out. I am also grateful that God gave me, and I’ll quote Mark Hostetler, “A great wife for a guy that wants to plant a church”. I agree Hoss.