“don’t mess with my emotions smokey”
– Big Worm, Friday

These were the words ringing in my ear after UNLV’s four point (3 point spread, unbelievable) loss on Friday. See, being down 17 with seven minutes to go allows you to prepare yourself quite easily that your season is over. Especially when your a “live by the 3, die by the 3 team” who can’t make a shot, and some guy faster than speedy gonzalez is making every shot like he was Jordon in game 1 against Portland in 92. Then, in a way that cannot be described, because I’m still not sure how it happened, we get the game to four points with a minute to go. Then, for the next excruciating 60 seconds, I am reminded that none of our shooters were on. It would have been easier on my emotions if we let it stay at 17. But how could we, this is what we’ve been doing all year.

Such a fitting end to a wonderful UNLV season. We didn’t have the talent to match up with Oregon, but we still made it a game. Even though we weren’t playing like we wanted to, we still found a way to be in the game. We overachieved in the game, we over achieved in the season. We fought hard and never gave up. I am more satisfied with the end of this team than any other team. I am so proud to be a rebel fan for the way we have handled ourselves. All four of our seniors are graduating (Kevin is technically a senior, but he can’t graduate, he already has), we handled ourselves with class all year, and we fought harder than any team in the nation. What a year, I am so proud to be an alumnus, and a fan.

Note: please disregard the last paragraph if at anytime next we you read a headline that includes kruger and michigan.



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