Health Care?

Health care has long been a topic that I have been interested in. Mainly because I am human and mortal which means I have a need for it. Let me emphasize the word “need” this is different than want, want would be an iphone, need is health care. I point that out because I think the distinguishing between “need” and “want” goes to one of the central concerns of health care; access and affordability to all.

I will be upfront here, I have grown less captitalistic in the last couple of years. I believe that as my heart has grown for justice, I have a harder and harder time justifying unnecessary injustice for the sake of an economic system. Capitalism might be the best option out there but it still has its faults. Especially in light of the human condition from a biblical worldview. I say all of this to point out that much of the unassailable nature of health care is chalked up to right of insane profits by big perscription companies and hospitals. Of course I realize that the situation is not that simple and drug companies need to use the those profits to invest in research, and hospitals pay huge salaries to doctors, and spend billions of dollars on malpractice insurance. So in many ways the entire system is junked up and in need of reform. Ranging from profit regulation, just like a utility company faces, to federal malpractice limits. But none of this excuses that health care is often seen as an extra in our society. Over forty million Americans have no health care, and many are children. Why do they have no health insurance? Cost is the main factor. Unless one works for a large company and recieves health benefits at a hugely subsidized rate the cost of health insurance is quite prohibitive, especially when we talk a policy for a large family.

Why this seems okay to most Americans boggles my mind. If matt and the SNWA wanted to jack up rates of water to a dollar a gallon, there would be rightful outrage, and they would be stopped from being able to do so by a regulatory board. This is because water is not a “want” it is most certainly a “need.” The things in life and society that are essential needs are to important to leave the turbulant nature of capitalism. Water, power, sewage, all needed for a functional life in our country, may I suggest that we add health care? Now to what extent and how one uses health care, that is an entirely different conversation. Just like any other resource it should be used widely and be monitored for abuse, but it should still be given to those in need, and last time a checked all mortals are in need of it.

So let recap really quick; cute purses and ipods are best left to the free market and can be sold for a million dollars if demand dictates because they are wants. Vital medication and life saving surgeries should be affordable because they are needed to survive, just like water and power.  I am not done with this topic and will be posting more on it soon.


2 Responses

  1. Then why don’t you just vote for hillary you freakin socialist?

    Just kidding, I agree. The flipside of all this is benefits from work. You and i have phenomenal benefits becuase we work for the state. Even still, I’m fighting with St. Rose over 2,300 bucks.

    Reform is an interesting idea, but can we really see a full scale reform of any institution under the polemic governmental system we have. Checks and Balances have turned into red tape and lawsuits. What we set-up to protect ourselves from ourselves, as left us impotent to produce any real change. Herein lies the biggest problem with justice as a political ideology: it is unrealistic.

    Should we let an unrealistic political ideology guide ourselves? Or should it be left as a best case scenario, while more realistic ideologies such as left or right wing politics? My hope is that our partisan systemic will have a major fall out in the last few years with more balanced parties rising like the Phoenix out of the ashes. I mean, there is a reason we don’t have political parites around anymore with names like “Greenbacks” and “Federalists”. Until we see a total political party fallout (I predict 2016), then we are impotent to produce any real reform.

  2. I will not vote for Hillary, but I am considering Obama.

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