Well this last week I have been building a prayer chain for the UNLV Runnin Rebels.  I am normally against this type of prayer pandering, but I really think God wants UNLV to win at least one more game… Please Jesus please.

Tonight I went to Casa Bonita with Renovation.  I was really excited about going there because SouthPark did an episode featuring the place a few months back and when I saw it I totally remember going there as a child, and that I was just as excited about it as Cartman was in the episode.  Going back tonight I was anxious to see how much would be the same.  All of it was.  This falls into the “movies you thought were cool when you were in seventh grade” theory.  Casa Bonita is sweet but going there in some ways tainted what I remembered about it.  We had done last year but I do not remember that trip at all because I ate 23 sopapias.  I did ask the waitress how many people come in just because of the of the SouthPark episode, she rolled her eyes and said, “oh my god everyone that comes in tells me they saw us on SouthPark, and I even had some people drive down from Idaho after seeing that episode.”  So there you have it, SouthPark has amazing advertising capacities.

Last, I am on spring break right now, so I am doing some recreational reading.  I read “God Dellusion” by Richard Dawkins.  The book is junk, and he is an angry fellow.  Anyone who can not see the difference between fundamentalist Islam (we want to kill all who disagree with us) and fundamentalist Christians (we want to tell you that you are going to hell, and give you a bunch of rules to follow in order to save yourself) is a pretty dimb witted guy, or just has not done their homework.  The guy seriously says that fundamentalist Christians in America are an “American Taliban.”  I also read “Serve God and Save the Planet” by Dr. Sleeth.  This book is excellent.  He is a hardcore environmentalist and I have been becoming more sensitive toward that as well recently, so maybe this book is just very timely for where I am at in life right now.  I will probably blog more about it in the future.


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  1. Oh yeah? You’re the dimwit!



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