I hate ESPN SOOOO Much

Okay this is going to sound like I am just a crazy obsessed UNLV fan (which I am).  But I stayed up late to watch Sportscenter last night just so I could see the highlights of the UNLV-Tech game.  Funny thing is though I waited, and waited and waited and never saw one damn UNLV highlight.  Stupid digger, and Vitale talked about their next matchup against Wisconsin for about ten seconds, but they did not talk about a win against Tech or show even one clip.  This is frickin unbelievable!!

How can you have one of the most exciting games of the day, and not show a single clip of it?  This is mindboggling to me, plus they should have been obliged to show UNLV highlights and talk about how big this win was especially since they all thought UNLV would lose.  I know I know we will be a trendy pick to be Wisconsin, but I hate ESPN.  I hate them like I hate Jo Ann Fabric stores.  They thought it was worthy enough to show spring training baseball games and tell me about Dice-K but not show Rebel highlights.  This is all Craig Thompson’s fault, I am holding him responsible.


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