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Living in the world of cubicles now, I am discovering things I would have never ever discovered before. Like streaming internet radio.Now most streaming internet radio is congested with advertisements for Geiko every five minutes, and their repetition of Ashley Simpson is nearly unbearable. However, due to diligence, I have found the greatest thing to ever happen to music.


Pandora is a player by which you set up stations by selecting one of your favorite artists, and then Pandora gives you many great songs to listen to it that are within the same genre. For me this is great because I have a few bands from various genres that I have no idea what other good bands there are (bloc party, bob marley, bobby darrin). And because I created a “bloc party” channel now I know about great bands such as Elefant and We Are Scientists. So not only am I using Pandora in my cubicle at work, but its playing constantly in my office at home as well. There are no commercials, the interface is incredibly easy to use, and you can create as many different stations as you want. Vegas radio is absolutely terrible and I have a really hard time finding good new music now that I don’t live in Seattle. So this is how a random pastor from a small Midwestern town can have such an eclectic taste in music.

Seriously, take 15 minutes and check out pandora, you won’t be sorry.



2 Responses

  1. Dude this Pandora music site is awesome! I do not know if it is legal but I sure do like it, and have found it to be very helpful in finding more music that I like. How are they able to play entire songs, with it still being legal?

  2. They, like a radio station, pay for the songs they play. They cover this cost via advertising and referal fees. I am also sure they have some collective bargaining agreement worked out, becuase it is great advertisement. Here are a couple station I would HIGHLY reccomend creating:

    Bob Marley Radio
    Miles Davis Radio
    Ray Charles Radio

    Matt out.

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